The Farm at Hokuala


It's been awhile, to say the least. I left Steelgrass Farm (now Lydgate Farms) in 2016, where I created 2-acre vegetable garden and learned how to manage a cacao orchard. Learned how to graft cacao trees, pollinate vanilla, ferment cacao beans, hunt and butcher feral pigs. Chef Adam @hanaikauai taught me how to smoke the meat with kiawe and lilikoi. I was destined to live off the land, but things change, and it was best to move on. 

In June of 2016 I moved the family to Rising Sun Farm (for photos visit the IG account @farmercodylee) where I made use of a couple acres to provide lettuce, microgreens and edible flowers to the east side of Kaua'i. Moloa'a, Kaua'i has a beautiful red dirt, and I am thankful to have farmed next to over one hundred volunteers over the years. They taught me about life, I taught them about growing lettuce on Kaua'i. My daughter and I were in need of a bigger living space, and a friend was willing to take over the lettuce fields, so we bid farewell to the Rising Sun and moved towards the Rising Star... a.k.a. 'hokuala' in Hawaiian.  

Now, we are the Farmers at Hokuala Resort (@thefarmathokuala and @hokualakauai). I'm looking at over one hundred acres of old golf course land, and want to turn it into a food forest, market garden, foodie paradise, sustainable farm. I'm starting small, with just a few golf fairways... but, dreaming big... currently in the middle of finishing Phase 1 of the Hokuala Farm project... with over 150 fruit trees in the ground and a hundred more to go. Life is good.