Ice-cubes the Old-fashioned Way

A recipe from 'The Taste of Middletown Cookbook: A Bicentennial Treasury of Middletown Culinary Excitement, 1791-1991', pg. 62

Ice-cubes the Old-Fashioned Way
(We freeze them)

I am occasionally given to gourmet 
indulgence when the ice freezes on
Smith Pond, but I usually do my ice in 
the freezer of our refrigerator. 

It is extremely important to let the tap 
water run for a few minutes, fill metal 
trays with clean, cool water. 
Immediately insert trays into your 
freezer until very firm when touched 
with your index finger. 

You may then become creative with 
your ice. There is shaving, cracking, 
crunching, adding color, fruit, or 
beverages with your ice. 

For a family of four: 
6 ice cube trays
fill with cold water, 
freeze and serve