Almost three and almost thirty

I don't know what age means. I don't believe in death. We are forever alive. 

Welcome to boot camp... also known as life

Let's make our own food.

Cut out the machines.

Make magical fairy penguin crossbows...

and decorate trees with them.

Let's rain dance.

And feed the hungry.

Watch the life around us.

And feed our souls.

Who knows what apple this is? It's Delicious. That's what I'm calling it.

Life on the farm surrounded by citrus.

Let's make jam. 

Peppercorns on a palm tree.

Mornings at the park.

Horses next door.

Gymnastics, so fun.

Where am I going to?

First, let's eat.

Then, let's talk.

You're going home.

Come Sunday morning there's a roar in the woods. Not the chickens or dogs... something else... what animal is inside? 

It sounds like a bee...

yet, looks kind of cool.

I like number 1.

Woah, they fly.

Let's go to the beach and reflect on this day. Tomorrow's another, some other day.