When farmers, chefs and musicians fuse

At rising sun we harvest greens and feed the community at Hoku Natural Foods and Java Kai. Come high noon we're splashing in the ocean, cleaning off all the dirt from the farm and drinking cold coconut water. Rosa chases the puppies on the beach and we watch as a kite boarder takes off from the dunes and sales away. The phone jingles. Chef Adam from Hanai says the wild pig I hunted last week has been smoked overnight and the greasy meat, falling off the bone. Rosa and I head to the hills to gather our supper. We meet the Chef, talk story, he shows us spices form India and shares with us starfruit vinegar. Then back to the farm we go with a wagon full of warm smoked meat. We go through the back entrance to the farm, where the avocados and bananas are and harvest a bunch for someday's breakfast once they ripen. Finally, we reach the farm house where resident musician and music teacher Will Lydgate and Ukulele creator Samuel Bonanno with Komoa are outside on the stoop, working on their finishing touches to a song they've recently created. Rosa asks, "eat pig now?" Yes dear, let's share our gifts. We split the meat and sit down for a bite at sunset. The musicians walk over... the double bass, the deep sound of the moon making waves, and the ukulele, a finger board sailing the vibrations of the seas. Many bridges were built today, and it all started from one pig... thank you.