Last week the forecasters called for tropical depression Three-C strengthening into a tropical storm, the hurricane and heading directly to Kauai, if and only if, nature follows human meteorological models. Come early Saturday morning I went to the gas station and waited in line for 15 minutes to fill my tank. The front page of all the Hawaiian newspapers by the cashier had pictures of a tropical storm named Kilo, the maturing Three-C. Rosa and I then did a trip to the food market and half of the bottled water was sold out and I saw several folks piling up charcoal in their carts. At the checkout the lady scanned my two bottles of dish soap and told me I was smart for stocking up soap before the storm, I replied, "no, I just like this not stinky, baby friendly, no sodium lauryl sulfate soap and it's on sale." Walking out of the store I told Rosa that if a storm ever were to hit we'd bring outside all our jars and buckets to collect rainwater, and we have wood for fire and Dada knows where lots of avocados, bananas, coconuts, chickens, eggs and pigs are. Rosa said, "eat lilikoi and Apple Jack." Yes, we would eat lots of passion fruit from the backyard and the neighbors horse if we had to. We're set. 

Over the weekend the big WHEN is it going to turn dictated how we would be impacted by Kilo. Some grew more paranoid, others more skeptical. I weighed out in the middle and simply observed what local natural resources are around us, and how we could survive if the power and water would go out for an extended period of time. I was born a survivor man.

Then yesterday morning the big WHEN became a big NEVER. There was no big headlines of Kilo or any forecast. It was gone. Vanished. Thanks for buying, come again.

Adios Kilo. Nice to know you. I thank your arms for bringing rain to our garden and farm, but this 95% humidity and no wind and super high heat is bugger!

Now, three days after the whole county was readying for a state of emergency, and most of the plywood, bottled water, batteries and flashlights and charcoal, oh my, is bought up....  Kilo is peacing out way westward, defying the normal path. It wants nothing to do with us, except maybe to excite us and boost a little consumerism in an indirect way.

But, just wait, tropical storm Twelve-E is heading towards us from Mexico... stay tuned!