Kilo is brewing and I have a camera

A few hours ago I was feeding the chickens and gathering eggs and my cell phone thing buzzed aletring me that flash flooding was coming. Shortly after that I heard thunder, something I haven't heard in 6 months, then... it never rained. Oh, if only a 50% chance of rain was 100% chance of rain with a promise by the creator then maybe we could be certain it's going to rain right here, right now. No matter what, the plants needed water so I went back up to the lettuce patch to give them a drink. If you drive just a few minutes anywhere on Kauai you're almost guaranteed (with a 50% chance) to have different weather. Heading home from the farm I heard from a myna that a hurricane is coming, is this the ol' cry wolf tale or is it really coming this time? We've had a few spinners this season that started way out east of us and came close, but then spun off north and vanished. Still praying for rain. 

Hey, Hanai thinking men, what are we going to do if it's the Big One?

"Well golly gee let's get them avocados before the wind gets 'em." says Chef Adam.

Avocados aren't all we have. There's kobocha squash.


Sorgham wrapped in squash vine. Mmm....

Thai basil.

Sunflowers... for the birds.

Hawaiian hot chili... probably not a good thing to eat during a big weather event in case we all have to move inside a tent or the water goes out for a few days.

Here's our beautiful family garden. 

I could not resist taking a picture of the treasures in the back of the jeep. Spare tire, anti-freeze in case radiator pops again, hose (the good kine), ripening apple bananas (3 hands), boots, several sickles, all various sizes and shapes, a leather farmer hat from the 1950's (I've been through three straw hats in two months and said heck, if this leather one has been around for 66 years then I'm sure it's going last another half century), breakfast - chia, oats, cacao, maca and sesame seed in a mason jar, with a silver spoon of course, backpack, water sprayer, pruners, machete and a family of ants.

I will sell the wagon for $1,000,000. Best invention ever!

Home sweet home.

Nursery is getting there. Today Tony put up the tent and I painted the platform 'brick over red with stain'. Yeehaw.

A little impatient... but, I really wish to get some seeds in the ground. Here's a makeshift nursery for the cilantro with old shade cloth, bamboo and a pallet.

Farmer David building a raised bed to plant rainbow chard and spinach.

Sexy rasta amaranth.

Thank you chickens for the eggs this morning!

A horse wandering by Kealia Farm, another beautiful farm by our house that has a family friendly market every Friday from 3-7 with ono lau lau and lilikoi butter.

Nothing beats Wednesday, mandatory family beach day.

Dada and Roro napping under tree.

Then Mama and Roro napping under tree.

While the girls dreamed I took the camera deep into the woods and had some fun. Enjoy!