Which Planet is This?

Time and time again I've put in three weeks of hard work to take a week off and fly back to visit my wife and baby. I'm flying between two different seasons, latitudes, hours of sunlight, time zones, climates, ect. I feel I am living in two different worlds at once, and to get to each of those worlds I have to go through a portal above the clouds and through airports. Flying across Canada and America from the north west to the east gives me a look at what's being developed and how society is sprawling outwards. Each airport has it's own vibe, too. And, as you walk past each gate and look at the city and country to where the plane is heading to, you can get a glimpse of the people and the culture that lives there. Whenever I arrive to the gate departing to Alaska there are always a few men dressed in military uniforms, dads and sons carrying their fly fishing rods and a few people where extratuff boots. Here I am a week and half ago getting ready to pack up and leave... rainbow in the sun. 

Following morning smoke in the tundra... lightning has started a fire nearby.

My final dish for this three week stint... donuts.

12 hours later I'm in Hamilton, Ontario getting a lesson from baby Rosa about where to throw your trash and not litter!

After a week of steamy hot city weather and splashing in the fountain at the park, I hop back on the bus to go to the Toronto airport. A little ways out of Hamilton and the skyline turns from trees to townhouses. Green to grey, natural to rock squares.

It would be one thing if the development stopped a decade ago and the natural environment was given a chance to regrow to beautiful and purify the urban jungle, but instead it seems like it just keeps growing and desertification is the outcropping.

Up in the air over smoggy Toronto.

Why aren't their gardens on these roofs? What about solar panels?

A matrix of surburban houses. Engineered like a computer chip.

Oh, Chicago. Once again, like many other cities... grey.

A breather above the clouds.

Midway from Chicago to Seattle I witness the prairies and farms, lots of squares. Any GMO down there?

Hey Creator, if you're up there, is this the way it's supposed to be? Is this at all sustainable? Could you lend us a hand here? I think mother nature is need of a little tender love and care.


Mt. Rainer

Seattle. Always feels good to me to be back on the west coast.

3 hours northward and back to Fairbanks. It's neat to leave around midnight in darkness in Seattle and only a couple hours later be back in the midnight sun.

Heading back to Toolik. Ah, yes. Beautiful. Smells like pine and rain. Cool breeze. Not a skyscraper in sight.