The End of the Antarctic Cowboy

More than four years in the making, this blog has served as a means for me to share my life experience on Earth. It began as a single post from a hotel room in Denver, the night before I departed to Antarctica to cook for my very first time on the Ice. It now ends as a story of completion and unity. From north pole to south pole I have traveled each year in search of a place to call home, and here, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I found home. The tribe my wife and I live with on the island of Kauai has roots that pre-date that early Polynesian explorers. The stories the whales speak of are of ancient wisdom and practices that open the pathways for sustainable living and environmental peace. The life we are living is the way we can move into the future without any regrets or negative karma. May the lessons of the past - the scientists of the South Pole, penguins of the Antarctica peninsula, sleeping in a Scott tent under the darkest, driest and coldest of all places on our planet, living in the Arctic tundra with squirrels that can freeze completely over winter and then come back to life in the spring, bartering with Alaskan natives for sun dried wild salmon and porcupine stew, seeing the wildest of places become colonized and objects of tourism, and all the physical, mental and spiritual challenges I have faced in the Polar regions and much more - be tales nestled in a book I am going to write. The Journey, the Life, the Revelations of the Antarctic Cowboy. 

Now - at home on an island in the Great Pacific with my life companion, I put this blog to rest and begin a new chapter. No more Antarctica for this cowboy, Hawai'i is where I am to be.  

Aloha and mahalo.