Skurf's Up - 180

Another needle in the thread weaving together the Earth's energy, I am. This wave of life I ride is unforgiving and never-ending, but alas I leave the island of teachings to return home in the light of a new awakening. Within 10 days on Kauai I wrote a script of sustainable living through my teachings from the locals and trees and brought those thoughts to action. Sleeping on the beach next to a sacred tree, under shooting stars and the crescent moon brought me back to the womb - deep into the Earth. The tree of life showed me how to connect to Earth spirit worldwide, no matter where I am. After all, we do all live on the same planet. Everything is connected. So, now, I travel North. May I have the strength to incorporate these lessons of simple sustainability into the workings of the urban environment.

My last takes of Kauai for 2012.

Every morning I'd awake in Anahola, a traditionally sacred beach for the native Hawaiins, to crashing of waves and migratory birds. Granola on the sand. Bathe in the waves. This was the view from the back of the truck.

The local dogs.

The street I lived on for two weeks. No street name, just a street to the beach.

The front yard.

The patio.

Yoga n meditation. Introspection. Reflection. I am.

Fisherlady. She was catching her breakfast at the break of dawn every day.

How to fix a Ford bumper 101. Everything on this truck could be snapped back together. It was a killer Leggo project.

Anahola can be tough for a Hale like me, but I'm as native as they get.

Lunch out of the lunch trunk. Pineapple grilled cheese and teriyaki Hawaiin brown rice.

Let's go skurf. Water skiing + surfboard = skurf.

It ain't a peach, it's def. a lemon.

Sup, dude. Catching much fish?

On the the Kilauea river. My last day to ride...

Through the jungle.

For skurfing all you need is a hand line, boat and surfboard. It's tricky to get up, but once you up it's like gliding on ice.

Mike showed me the ropes.

Paddle boarding.

It took me five tries to get up and once up I couldn't go down. I was hooked on this skurf.

Spirit of Hawaii, I thank you for this journey and please, call again in the near future.

Old Man Hawaii Trees.

That's the skurf.

Woke up the next morning, sold my truck to a kind guy and jumped on a plane back to the big land. My face feels like I was hit hard in a boxing match from all the skurfing face plants. Having fun ain't easy sometimes, but it sure is worth it. Make some time to have some raw fun today! Get outside. Run. Bike. Jump. Dance. Enjoy the sun, snow, whatever nature has for you. Be healthy. Be happy. This is the meaning of life - to love and live, in peace and happiness. With your heart open, you shall walk a very lucky path - all material things will come to you as needed. Take care of your body - you only have it once. Don't be afraid to try something new and always give respect to the old. Just be. We are. I am. One.