Island Intentions

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every problem there is a solution. The same neurological processes that develop problems, or should I say challenging situations, are capable of developing solutions. It depends entirely on how one intends to channel their neurons. Personally, I do not seek problems, for life is challenging as is. As Buddhism implies, life is pain and suffering. Acceptance of this is one step towards enlightenment. I seek a solution as to how I can live in harmony with the environment around me. It's in our instincts to survive, survive wisely, and actually, I do not seek anything, I have found everything I need. Water, earth, wind, fire and love…

Sustainable and wise evolution is an act of remembering. Many civilizations in the past have failed in their adaptations to Earth. Often they take too much from the environment or cannot adapt to changes that nature creates. What are left are their stone temples and terraces. They have left cues in forms of art and architecture that remain as a blueprint to how and how to not survive. Exploitation of the natural resources and over population are a means of non-survival. Careful and well managed use of natural resources and voluntary population control are a means to survival. It's not a matter of how physically and intellectually big a community grows, but how harmonious their relationship is with the Mother Earth. The taller you are, the harder you fall. The solution is to keep needs and wants to a minimum and live simple. The less I have, in terms of money and material objects, the more I seek happiness in what already exists around me, e.g., sunsets and the sounds of nature. Remember what it was like before the advent of Iphones and Facebook? Remember what it was like before the advent of computers, cell phones and electricity? Remember when we used to physically talk to each other face-to-face? I wonder how many kids nowadays know how to write hand written letters to their loved ones. There's something artistic about hand writing. The physical representation of thoughts into written words is unique per each person and each civilization. Imagine if the Egyptians typed on computers instead of engraving hieroglyphics into stone? There would be probably be nothing left! Texting seems to me to be bland of character. We’re trained to do all these things in grade school only to grow up and type/text everything. I find that when I type I say more of what doesn’t need to be said, because it’s not as well thought out. Texting is frail. It only takes one hacker or one giant solar storm or one computer glitch to wipe out text. Sure, fire can burn paper letters, but stone walls and cave paintings have lasted for millennia. Rubbing the stone walls of Machu Picchu last week with my eyes closed felt like I was blind and reading the bible through braille. The Holy Braille.

I’m typing this under the stars and next to the beach in my tent. It feels like an oxymoron, but at the same time feels like it needs to be said in contemporary medium just so it can be heard. Here I sit in what most would call natural tropical paradise. I’m 26 and have met my life companion. I’ve taught myself the art of cooking/baking just so I can travel the world. I travel to learn. These are my wandering years. The world is my classroom. I have learned from the elders of the tribes of many countries… the global tribe. Sustainable Indian cultures share a common livelihood and at the heart of their communities is respect for nature. They rely on nature for their food and shelter, thus they give their prayers through ceremony and ritual. They dance the dance of life. In speaking of this a month ago, Jessica reminded of the rave-like dance parties in Toronto where people find ecstasy and oneness through music and dance. And I replied, “But, how much electricity did that sound and light system use?” How sustainable is that dance? I feel that the true expression of love is not through the use of electrical wires and generators, but through the primal instruments of Earth. Nothing will ever match the sound of the human breathe being amplified through a wooden or bone flute. Nothing will match the vibrations of a deer skin drum. There is no way to imitate the sound of a raging waterfall during an intense thunderstorm. These are the instruments we must bring to the circle of life with our eyes and ears completely opened. I became addicted to headphones and mp3s over the many years. I forgot the sounds of live music. 5 weeks ago I lost my mp3 on the plane to Peru and that was it. All I had were my ears and the native sounds around me. I found the music of the Now. Here in Hawai’I one can’t help but to get aroused by the sounds of crashing waves. It’s tough to sleep past sunrise since the roosters are crowing, but the sound is right, with the sun comes the time to awake and embrace the day. The morning birds speak of the mesmerizing morning sky and time to eat. At night everything goes quiet and the crickets play their violins. It’s a natural orchestra each day and night. My role in this dance of life is to protect those native sounds of nature. I want to do what I can to make sure this island doesn’t get overwhelmed with noise pollution of automobiles and sirens. I want to learn the native tongue so I can speak the same language that the first humans to the island spoke. I want to be a natural reflection of the nature around me though art and human expression.

All these thoughts and realizations have come to me over the last couple hours, because I’ve found a home that I connect with. The sand here is as good as any bed and the organic goods at the farmers market are the best tasting I've ever had, ever ever had. I visited a guy today that showed me the trees around his property. He had avocadoes, limes and bananas growing around his house. How cool is that! I mean, what if the suburbs in the mainland USA had a law that each household had to plant some sort of fruit tree instead of deserting their small plot of clear-cut wilderness into flat green grass that has to be mowed once a week to maintain the social norm. Land is precious and when used wisely and respected it gives back many times more. The land and sea here is well respected by the natives and if I am to call it home then I too will be a warrior of the wilderness. I am to give it as much respect as do the natives, at the least. I wish to get my hands in the dirt and volunteer with environmental groups. I’m not all that concerned about a paycheck or if my newly bought SUV will get me to a certain place. My heart speaks for itself and it is strong. I am strong. I am. I am not running or playing the game of escapism. I've thought this out for years and have brought to fruition through co-creation. Everything always seems to come into place when need be. What’s most important for me right now is to be happy with what’s given and rejoice and donate my respect. The greatest synchronicity in life is when two become one – dreams become reality, intention becomes action and we become the stars. Sacred tobacco to the sky world, someone playing their bongo in the park; I’m signing off.