In a Week's Notice

From the book 'Out of Antarctica: reflections on the origins of people' - pg. 45 - "A song, called the Song of Kahu-koka, indicates the precise route that needed to be taken to reach Antarctica from the islands:

Now do I direct the bow of my canoe 
To the opening whense arises the sun-god, 
Let me not deviate from the course 
But sail direct to the land, the Homeland.
Blow, blow, of Tawhiri-matea, God of the Winds! 
Arouse thy westerly wind to waft us direct 
By the sea road to the Homeland, to Hawaiki. 
Close, close thine eye that looks to the south, 
That thy southerly wind may sleep. 
Allow us to sail o'er the Sea of Maui, 
And impede us not on our course. 
She stirs, she moves, she sails! 
Ah, now shall speed Tane-kaha, 
The gallant canoe of Kahu-koka, 
Back to the bays of Hawaiki-nut; And so to Home. 


Have knife, will cook, so goes the way of my gypsyfied cookworks over the last four years. I'm always the on the edge for a new adventure and a way to help protect the wild. Here I ride, weaving together the Earth's energy at a time when it's most needed. As the shamans of Peru have told me - you cannot plan everything, but you can prepare.

A sustainable-minded kitchen crew on a vessel sailing through the Drake passage of Antarctica that delivers eco-tourists via an off board drop-in by sea kayak to a colony of penguins is my mission. Mission impossible made possible. Under immigration laws I cannot work while in Canada until I am granted residency, thus I must leave and find work beyond the borders to help provide those physical necessities - food, water, shelter. I am building a house for the stars to enter.

Save the Krill. Shoulda, woulda, coulda brought my essential cookbooks with my knife bag. Oh well, hopefully my memory and Googling recipes will be enough. ETD - Dec. 10th. Travel plan - Toronto to somewhere in Central America to Argentina to Antarctica. See you on the flip side.