A Sunrise to Remember

An early winter storm has arrived and we're talking 60-70 mph wind gusts right now. Trees flying, fishing hiding, yup, it's autumn alright. The tundra is speckled red and purple and most of the berries have been blown off their bushes. This bird got sidetracked and slammed into the lodge window. I scooped it up and brought to Jessica for treatment.

An hour later he was on his feet again.

We went out last week to pick our final batch of blueberries and oddly, heard crickets in the tundra.

Only a couple weeks of fishing left.

Most of these photos don't need words. The scenery has been nothing less than majestic during the twilight hours. When I wake up at 5:30 AM it's dark, and keeps that way till 7ish. The sun sets around 9, giving us about 14 hours of daylight, compared to the 19 hours we were getting 6 week ago.

As Jess said, there is heaven on Earth. You just have to find it within.

A shot of our room. Fire place in the front, clothes hanging, dream catcher above, porcupine feet paws drying, bear tracks next to our room, a weasel beneath...

Hiking through the wild.

Berry break.

One of the few days of sunshine... veggie GF pizza on the porch with grapes and an Alaskan brew.

For the love of pizza.