Board Sailing the Great Unknown

What ever happened to summer in this part of Alaska? We had 3 straight days of sunshine and 70 degrees last week, and that was it. It's nearing the end of August and the leaves are turning yellow. Seems like just last month the leaves grew and the hills turned from snow white to green. The berries are loving the cold and wet weather and we are loving the berries. Blackberries, raspberries, currants, cranberries and blueberries are all plentiful in the backyard. Jessy says it's time to make some jam. We've also been harvesting lots of yarrow, rose hips and pineapple weed for teas. A few nights ago I was brushing my teeth and saw a baby porcupine shoot across the lawn. I ran out with a bucket and trapped it. Not to be eaten, but to be relocated away from the hungry fishing guides. Jess sung to it as we took it to it's new home on berry mountain.

On the last of our sunny days she grabbed the board and took off into the wind. She sailed for an hour and didn't fall once. I sailed for 3 seconds and fell 6 times. Board sailing is a different breed of surfing.


Next morning... red in the sky... sailors take warning.

Rain or shine, it's always berry time.

Wild berry cheesecake.

Strawberry shortcake.

Salmon pate bites.

Roasted rack of lamb wrapped in bacon and apple.

Valhalla seafood kebabs.

The winds are moving in...