Sweet Summer Sweets at Valhalla

Down south, in the Lower 48, I've heard it's been a scorcher of a summer. Well, up here at 6 Mile Lake, we've felt only a few days just above 60 degrees F and a new science report from yesterday says that Anchorage is experiencing the coldest July on record. Today, it was 50 mph gusts and felt like 35 degrees F with the wind chill factor. Global warming? Sure, it's gonna happen sooner or later, but localized cooling is also going to happen in certain parts of the world. There's still snow on the low lying mountains to the east and I saw flurries last week. It feels like winter some days. Thank goodness for a hot kitchen. Some apps for when the fishermen get back from their chilly days on the river catchin' sockeyes or kings.

Smoked salmon, fresh blueberries, homemade crostinis and goat cheese spread.

Cowboy kebabs with grilled corn and jalapenos.

Upside down pineapple rum cake.

Cotton candy.

Bubble gum.


More cotton candy.

A lime half moon.

Jessica yoga'n it on the stoop. She brings water to the fire; peace of mind.

A secret beach.

Salmon testicle on demand for breakfast by the German clients. Tastes like a creamy and super soft scallop when fried in butter and garlic.

Lox, havarti cheese and fresh basil wrapped up in filo, topped with pickled red onions.

The sweet version of the above, this time with blueberry cream cheese and honey glazed walnuts.

Cincinnati Chili.

NY strip steak with a morel mushroom sauce, homemade mash and green beans.

A peanuty chocolate fudge sachertorte. Three layers of cacao and nut love.

Oh, how fun that looks. 45 degrees, rain and fog.

Might need some caramel coconut bars to keep ya'l warm out there.

A typical lunch for me... squash, yam, berries, wild rice and salmon. It's getting traditional all up in here.

Valhalla sushi roll - king salmon, apple, carrots and cream cheese.

Pumpkin pie.

One loving morning.

Chris's bat-out-of-hell.

The beginning of the invasion.

Trip to the post office.

The tug a lug.

Someone is having too much fun with the fish eggs.

Packing the plane for a trip the big city.

Captain giving us the low down for the week.

Adios, man.

Pizza party with the porcupines and squirrels!!!