Round #2 of Alaska

When the summer solstice nears in Alaska the salmon begin to run rivers and fishermen from all over the world journey to this country to get a taste of the wild. Two weeks ago I finished cooking for a bear hunting camp, now it's time to cook for a fishing lodge.

During my transition from the bear camp to the fishin lodge I met up with some old-time friends of Anchorage and went hiking the trails. 


In Anchorage I spent one week at an inn, then a few days in my bosses basement. In two months I've slept in 8 different beds or cots. A Weatherport in 96 mph wind, hunting cabin, airplane seats and on the floor at the Anchorage airport airport. It's a gypsy life.

The forest is a gymnasium.

It's also a place to ponder.

From one dream catcher to the next, always the vibration of peace.

One night at the bosses house I was given the Valhalla kitchen holy grail... the pre-Codyfied menu from last year. I jumped right in and started daydreaming about no-knead artisan breads and crab stuffed salmon wrapped in cabbage and poached in white wine.

Here's the beaver horse that transports us from Lake Hood in Anchorage to the shores of Six Mile Lake.

Captain Kirk and I spent a few days shopping for the put-in gear... fishing flies, tools, food, etc.

Do not go to Costo on a Saturday afternoon if you have to use one of them big carts. It creates a serious game of dodge-em.

Getting ready for the original Alaskan Safari at Valhalla Lodge: Sportman's Paradise.

Loading the beaver horse.

Sharpening the props.

Time to fly.

Signs of glacial retreat over the last few decades. What was once white ice is now tree green.

After an hour and half we reached Lake Clark and the water is tropical turquoise blue. I kinda want to go for a swim.

Cruising to the docks.


This is 350 lbs. of food, there's about 3000 lbs. more to come.

Got all the grub organized and stowed away, then jumped on the cutting board to get dinner on the fire.

Here is Jessy's and I cabin.

Found some plants growing in one of the tents. Looks to be tomato, but I need to take a closer look. I'm ordering a bunch of herb and veggie seeds so I cook locally.

The playground.

Dining area.This is only the third day since the bear-proof windows have been taken down and doors unlocked, so it's a bit messy, but us boys are doin a good job cleanin er up.

The Sportman's Paradise lounge.

I am definitely going for a swim sometime this week.

Say No to Pebble Mine. Please. There may be a trillion billion dolla bills of gold underground, but umm, 10s of thousands of us need to drink and eat fresh natural goods for human sustenance. Gold or food? Gold or the future generations to come and the livelihood of your children?

Daydreaming about a summer solstice BBQ party.

In less than 36 hours I put together a bombastic summer menu that's going to hold for the next two and a half months. It's flexible in the sense that whatever fish are caught and shared with the chef is what's going to be on the menu. Whatever herbs grow in our greenhouse are going to be used in sauces, seasonings, baths, teas, medicines, potions, you name it, we will do it. Whatever berries are gathered are going to be used for dyes, pies, muffins, jams, smoothies and food fighting material. We talked about doing a pot roast with the squirrel out back today, but Chris wants to train it to be a ninja.

An hour ago I met this spiky dude. I would love to see the squirrel try to roundhouse the porcupine.

He's shy.

So, I'm going to watch him from the newest bedroom and see what it is porcupines do while up in a tree.