The Kauai Collection - 2012

Where do I begin? Where is the end? Does it really matter? No. Should I start with the 30-year record monsoon in the North Shore? Or maybe discuss what it's like finding your soul mate... finding love... finding that other person out there that clicks with you on all levels and wants to share the world in all it's beauty? Yes, my friends and family, life is good and only gets better.

Let me trace my steps back to three weeks ago when the three musketers (Big Grandmaster Bill, Jess With a Question and the Wild Cowboy Cody Kid) were duking it out against the Kauai elements. A crazy rain and lightning show that lasts for the first week and half of March swamped our banana bungalow. Bananas weren't floating and neither would my truck. Waterfalls poured from the mountain tops and I was almost certain that the entire Pacific Ocean was being dropped on us. Up to 6 inches of rain per hour recorded near Princeville. Crazy wet. Everything. Wet. A shot from the front yard near the bird cage.

The Hanalei bridge was out for three days straight. Totally unheard of. 12 hours, maybe, but 72 hours, statistically unlikely. Power was out too. That means Grandpa can't do his laundry. Ouch. What about food? Basically nada. The only place serving food without power was the kitchen at the motel a few hundred yards down the river road... tiny burgers and soggy fries. No coffee to be found. Many tourists stuck in Hanalei had flights to catch, but stuck they were. Not only was the Hanalei bridge flooded out, the main highway was washed out at mile marker 22 and fallen power lines and trees were everywhere. Weeks later and things are still falling or sliding or rolling into the roads. The tourist line waiting for the bridge to open.

Roads became rivers.

This was the 8 mile marker lake of no return.

I guess the farm veggies were loving the rain. I've always felt that there can never be too much rain and freshwater delivered from the sky. After a week of rain I came to the conclusion that it wasn't going to stop and had to treat it like a sunny day, so I went outside and had a blast. Came home covered in volcanic mud, the best mud to be coverd in.

The clean up took a while.

When the rain stopped a whole new world opened up.

Goat blocking Power House lane.

Gramps looking for the 'No clothing beyond this point' sign so he can strutt his stuff like them Taylor Camp surfer hippies. Oh, my.

Change of subject ^ check out this little mouse.

And then there is miss lovely Jess. Loves goat cheese, quinoa and honey. Intelligent. Spiritually in tuned with nature. Everything I could honestly want in my life right now. I don't want to get too cheesey, but this has been the best trip of my life. Mahalo.

On this day we hiked way up into the hills where the wind was strong.

On Ke'e beach.

Gramps sippin his coconut juice. Soggy and needing to get back to Ohio so he could prep for his next journey to Boston.

Her first time out of Canada and in the heart of the Pacific. Welcome to the world!

A monk seal at Tunnel's Beach enjoying the sunset as much as me.

At the bungalow.

One of Jess's Red Quinoa and Avocado dishes. Amazingly healthy.

Our alter.

The local swimmin hole.

Not sure if it's a good idea to swim in this one.

Here's the big dirty wet hole.

Our jobs - Beach yoga. Running. Hiking. Surfing. Dancing. Stretching. Massaging. Meditating. Drawing. Writing. Guitaring. Cooking.


Jess and the long blue soft top.

The place where I bought grapefruit.

Rainbows and beaches. Life's a beach, eh?

The truck, yeah, it died one day. I didn't do it.

Got a different rent-a-wreck and all was peachy again.

Back to 'work'.

After work, sunset in the hammock.

Next morning.

Meditation on the beach.

For the evening - dinner show at the Regis with a traditional Hawai'in buffet.

Next morning. New beach. Still no agenda. I could get used to this.

The next day Jess flew back to Canada to return to school and finish her herbology test.

All alone with the cat I have spent my last few days on the island soaking in the sun and in the now.

The beach where many souls have passed.

Tiger's Eye on Peridot.

The Banana Bungalow at Sommer's Plantation.

Charging my rocks before sending them north to be used in healing - spreading the fire of Pele.


For the love of happiness and pursuit of bliss may no fear hinder our reach to eternal spirit. Thank you Kauai for sharing your beauty. I will carry these lessons of life along with my knife bag. Aloha.