For the Love of Islands

I'm beached again for my third time in a year on the north shore of Kauai. There are many reasons why I come back to this garden island - fresh food, killer surfing and good vibes all around. The locals are a blend of natives, rastas, dropout surfers and old timer surfer dudes and dudets. It's a lovely mesh of character. The environment is well reserved and recreational opportunities are bountiful. I'm here this time with mi abuelo Bill and mi amiga buena de Canada. We gonna explore the island's magic and do nuttin much other than chill on the beaches.

One jungle to the next.

The ol' lighthouse.

The St. Regis posh palace.

Hanalei Bay is only the best of the best surfin spots in Kauai. Monster 80 foot waves in the winter, yeah, man. The humpback whales are in town and will linger til late this month where they head towards my third home on Kodiak Island.

Queen Emma, mi hermanita.

Farmers market. The goods are pricey, but I'll pay the extra to support the locals. Their produce doesn't have any GMOs or BS like that.

A two-day supply of food for me. Still on my dieta from the jungle - pina, mangosteen, rambutan, longan and yummy bananas. Sippin on kona coffee, fresh lime juice and coconut water.

Hibiscus kiss.