Welcome to the Jungle

Seems like months, but two days ago I landed in Lima, Peru at 2 AM. I sleeped walked through customs and got the first taxi out the baggage claim. I didn't have a hotel reservation and it was a Saturday night, so it took us an hour to find a place that wasn't booked. It was a nice drive through the city. I saw some of the nightlife and got some useul info from cab driver. My spanish was alright after not speaking it since Panama. When I did find a place it was somewhere, on some street, but the cabby said it was safe. So here I am for 7 hours.

Next morning it was back to the airport.

I now have seen the largest crowd at an airport. On Sunday's lots of peeps in Lima ditch town and head to other places for a quick vacation. And, lucky for me, I was the airport at 8 AM when the rush began.

They have some wicked cookbooks at the book shop. On my way back I'm going to pick up one. It has techniques and presentation like I've never seen using the ingredients of the Peruvian wild.

Bus to the plane.

To the plane.

Off to Iquitos. Two and a half hours from Lima with a stop at Telefoto.

Within 10 minutes of flying we were out of the city and into the hinterland.

Then we flew across some small mountains and there was a network of snaking rivers below. The trees got progressively bigger the more east we went.

Then we landed in Iquitos. By now the 10 of us staying at the Peruvian Amazon jungle lodge knew each other. Our group is from France, El Salvador, Chile, USA, Japan, Wales, Italy and Peru.

We met our guide outside the airport then headed to the boat port, another 30 minutes away.

This was right before he threw his fruit as his sister behind.

A lot like Colombia and Panama.

Almost to the boat dock I checked out a bit of the food stalls. The food looked scrumptous.

We had to cross a gate to get to the dock.

The daily catch.

Off we go. Into the Amazon.