WAIS Ice Breaker

Seriously, penguins don't like it when you frown.

Today was another day of hauling around goods from warehouse to warehouse. At night, the WAIS crew got together at Hut 10 to celebrate with some munchies created by Rosemary, Russell and I - the imfamous WaisidE chef cartel. Here are a few shots of town from when I was transporting goods. Taking a picture gives me a second to remember exactly where I am. Totally ain't Kansas folks.

Here's the SSC building where we have our morning coffee and meetings.

After the meetings we all disperse and get to work. The majority of our tasks is training and packing. Lots of organizing. I've found quiet refuge in the library.

I was given the task this morning with the help of Russ and REC to locate and transport two guitars, a keyboard and a heavy boxing bag (!!!) to our WAIS cage for packing. Already, this summer at WAIS is looking good.


2-person deep field survival bags... might come handy, let's hope not.

The easiest way to compress tents (Arctic Ovens) is to lay on them. I love my job.

Once the boxes are packed and strapped they are hauled to the dock where a loader comes by and picks them up and drives them to cargo.

Then, Russ and I got rolling on the munchies for the WAIS party. Rosemary was off in the field doing her ice survival training. Chocolate-dipped strawberries seem to follow me everywhere I go. If you ever need to locate us just follow the trail of chocolate droppings...

This was my first time cooking with le Chef and I wanted to see what his flow was... with finesse, I dipped each strawberry into the molten chocolate and produced a minimal foot. When I turned my head I saw Russ geeking out with his hand covered in chocolate, dripping, and a strawberry in his fingers that had been drowned in goodness. Tubular. You know what, it doesn't really matter, the more chocolate the merrier.

Off to Hut 10.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, Princes, Princesses and Admirals have stayed in this hut (aka Eagles Nest Lodge).

Russell's bangin cheese platter.


Brushin the puff-wrapped brie for baked brie.

The Mac bakery was kind to donate some monkey bread.

The spread.

The start of the party. I ate half the monkey bread and mama, yours is better. No offense though to the bakery, just honesty.

Tonight is the last night the sun will set. Hola sol.

Music in the streets... must be a party.