Down to MacTown

Here I go again, 3500 km south of Christchurch to McMurdo Station where I will spend the next two weeks packin, preppin and learnin about what WAIS is all about. Like all USAP Ice people we start at the USAP Clothing Distribution Centre (CDC).

You walk in, there's a bag with a tag and your name. Grab it and try the stuff on. If it fits you can leave for the first day. Next morning at umm 4:30 AM, return and really put it on.

All my new fancy clothing.

After we get dressed we grab breakfast at the tourist centre.

I decided to play instead.

Then we are hailed to the Ice terminal.

Countless times of packing and unpacking.

A little talk on what to expect over the next 5 hours.

A bus ride to the plane.

Are we taking the C-17?

Nope. The Airbus.

Several hours later the pilot says there's ice outside.

The map shows us getting near.

Near we must be..

Buckle up.

Let's go.

Hi Ice.

Then to another bus, just a tad bigger than the last one.

The wind farm is up and running.

McMurdo in the distance.

Once we get to MacTown we go to another spiel on safety.

They give me a envelope with a key and it says building 155. Not my first pick, but at least I'm here.

Tired of unpacking I stroll the kitchen to see who has returned. Only a few returnees and completely new chain of command. The food is excellent this year and already the changes put in place by the new Exec. Chef are making profound differences. The WAIS time had the opporunity to speak with him about WAIS food inventory.... foie gras, venison, bison, any herb, any vegetable, any fruit... the usual camp food right?

Walking down Highway 1 to another presentation.

Along the way a TV showed the lady from South Pole that was flown out to undergo further examination in NZ for her medical issue.

Off to Crary.
Where the researchers play.

Looks better alive.

The cool thing about WAIS is that we will be living in close quarters with the scientists and will be able to pick their brains. At McMurdo it's hard as a cook to get out and experience field science in the action.

Crary is full of instruments, acids, flammables, fish.

Upstairs in the Crary library.

The WAIS intro.

There are four camps on the western ice sheet. PIG, WAIS, BYRD and SIPOLE. Ours has the deepest borehole, so yeah, our westside connection is off the hook.

This is what will be happening at WAIS.

Not this.

And until I depart I have some business to take care of.