My flight from Kauai to Fairbanks was long and the sleep needed. I flew into Fairbanks early Tuesday morning and had only a couple hours to wait before heading another 8 hours north to the Arctic by truck.

When we got to the Yukon river it seemed to me that fall was nearing it's end in the far north. The colors were magnificant.

A few hours beyond the Yukon river we traversed through the Atigun pass, which crosses the Brooks range. Within minutes we were in the midst of a snow storm. And I thought to myself, the day before I was on a sandy beach soaking in sunshine and salty sea spray.

Once we reached the top it was time to flip the horse into 4WD, along with all the other ice road truckers.

We hit Toolik and it was like a whole new planet. When I left last week the landscape was warm and vibrant with the aura of autumn, now it resembles a frozen Arctic tundra at the start of winter.

That night I snuggled up to the heater on full blast for my weatherport is nothing more than a large tent, canopied by a thick plastic tarp.

Next morning, a couple inches of snow and time to get back to work.

During lunch break I ran around taking the pics above and the ones below. I came across a red fox that was warming beneath the Cotton Grass dorm.

It's going to take me a few days to get out of a Hawaii on a more personal level... trust me, there's no hurry. It be a good thing I brought some coffee from Hawaii and we are well stocked with pineapples and bananas.