The Last Mile

Soon I will be leaving Toolik Field Station and making my way slowly down to Antarctica. There aren't too many words to go with these photos that give a 'sense of place' around and in the Toolik kitchen. This is what I see every time I walk outside the kitchen. For those that have been following this blog throughout the summer you will notice a drastic change in environment. It's the beginning of winter for sure. Time for me to pack up and head south with the sun and raven with gifts and wisdom from the north.

My morning hike to breakfast.

Coffee and elbow grease.

No more scientist boot prints on the boardwalks, the foxes have reclaimed their territory.

In the kitchen...

Bacon wrapped stuffed chix.

Stuffed bellas.

Herbed braids.

Chocolate dreams.

Pecan tassies.

Marbled tortuga cheesecake.

Upside down pineapple cake gone crazy with peaches.