Northern Lights

Northbound on the Haul Road to Toolik a few days ago. A dall sheep ram decided to cross the road.

For the whole drive up the vegetation was autumn colored: red, purple, orange and yellow.

Back to Toolik. Few researchers left, cleaning and construction has begun.

Empty labs.

Saturday night = bonfire.


The DJ table.

Then it started to get dark.

One fellow came up to me and asked, "You see the lights?" He pointed to the sky behind me and there were the infamous green clouds. Exactly one year ago I was watching auroras from the polar opposite of where I stood. It felt awesome to DJ under the lights and by the fire with a good crew of dancers shaking their booties.

This is my first time with a digital camera that has a good exposure option. It's my first time playing with it and some pics came out a little blurry, but with a little practice and more solar activity I will figure it out.