I've been so busy in the kitchen over the last couple weeks that I forgot that the sun sets around 2 AM. I get up for work around 5 AM and the sun is just right above the pipeline to the east. The sky is glowing orange and purple, and lately there's been a chilly fog that lingers until about the start of breakfast, 7:30 AM. Every summer the Toolik staff whips together a blacklight party to celebrate the start of the end of the summer season and I volunteered to DJ it.

So delicious.

The morning sky.

The chilly fog.

Fireweed is still in blossom.

DJ DELISH. Not sure how I got the name. I guess it started at South Pole in 2010 when the other winter cook told me his bar name in Cali used to be Delicious. I fancy the word, after all, the food we bang out is delcious. You hear it a lot in our kitchen. So delish. One of the girls labeled me DJ DELICIOUS and that's too many syllables if you ask me...

The day of the party was wet and cold, perfect.

Heading into the 'underground'.

I spent a couple weeks cookin up a playlist and playing with the digital turntables. Here's the mixing table. 6 hours of mixing and I could even scratch.

Let's get this party started.

Hot, sweaty, loud... a perfect release for all the work we've been doing.

At 3 AM the dance floor was shut. I was the first in and the last out, that's the way I roll. Like with cooking I like to put the pieces together to bring out happiness in whatever medium I can.

I was waiting for this moment. Very curious to see what art would be left on the walls.

I think the best pic is of all the juices, mud, trash and footprints left on the floor.

Good night.