Toolik to Squarebanks

A deep fried dino egg = potato croquette blended with TVP, roasted vegetables, hot peppers and stuffed with mozo. Don't ask, I had dinosaurs on my mind.

Start the morning off with fresh eggs on a fresh new flat top grill that kicks butt cuz it's steam heated and cooks evenly.

Foggy, dark morning.

On our way out of camp... white rainbow.

Heading into the Brooks range. 8 hours to go on the Dalton Highway. Not one darn moose or bear.

Good ol' trans-Alaskan pipeline.

We made a pit stop at a bush plane runway in Coldfoot to drop off C so he could get goin on his rafting trip. Cool people in Alaska go river rafting on big rivers.


My room in Fairbanks. It's a beautiful location, nice hike to town and great hosts. If you're a Toolikan and need an affordable room, check this site out.

The view from the deck overlooking Fairbanks. Not much of a city eh? That's the beauty of it.