A Bike Ride to Science

Today marks the start of summer. But, in the Alaskan Arctic, seasons are more or less observed as: june - spring, july - summer, august - fall, and the rest is winter... at least that's what I heard.

On Sunday morning I woke and went for a ride on the tundra.

After realizing that one cannot ride a bike on tundra successfully, trial by error, I hit up the Dalton Highway and rode about 5 miles to the physical north slope of the Brooks range. Who lives in these hills? Squirrels and Heimo, check out Heimo's bush livin here. Thanks to the bushman Mark for the link.

Muddy, sweating, getting attacked by mossies, I decided to return to Toolik.

Facing north from the north slope.

I put the bike away and meandered around the station. A month into the summer season and I'm just getting to know the place. Hate to say it, but I only have about three months left here.

Heading SW from the station by foot I walked the boardwalks into a vast maze of GIS stations, mesh canopies and sectioned tundra being used and studied by the 'users'.

Looking back home. The big gray building to the right is the dining room and kitchen. I spend ~80% of my waking hours in there with no regrets.

Not sure what all of this is for, but I'll find out.