Unplugged in Hocking Hills

Eight years ago I stumbled upon a remote, rustic cabin hideway in Hocking Hills and to this day it is the most economical and placid retreat I have found so far in Ohio. Thus, I will keep it a secret sanctuary. With one week left before I journey to the Arctic it is now time to unplug from the grid and get back into the wild. This is my temple...

This was a good time to get to know my new camera. My objective: nature and the 200 year old hand built cabin. Although a cheap digital camera, it does produce some good quality shots as long as there is ample light. From here on out I will be outside in 24/7 daylight or in a kitchen setting, so light shouldn't be a problem for capturing the ice-free Arctic (?) or delicious Arctic cuisine. Nor will it be a problem when I journey to Antarctica in October where it will be once again... 24/7 daylight. Now begins my one year long summer.

Natural gas provides the local grid.

The pond.




3-days alone in the backcountry... my intentions became fixated on food, fire and photos. No internet and cell reception, thank goodness.

Owls, foxes, deer and a beaver were seen every day.

I wanted to gig a dozen or so bullfrogs for din din, but without any info on the ecoystem I wouldn't want to run the risk of wiping out the whole population... so steamed brocolli, cheesy noodles, sardines and an apple it was.