The Little Miami River

I flew from Panama to Cincinnati in mid-March and since my arrival have been doing all the nitty gritty logistics for my next two contract jobs in the Arctic (Toolik Lake Research Station) and Antarctic (BYRD camp). Tomorrow I will have everything 100% completed. Two months to work out the preliminaries for two extreme polar jobs; some say that's crazy but I say it's worth it. Energy in = energy out. I've also done a few odd jobs around the city in the last couple months; of most interest... I struck gold with the chance of getting my adventures on film, compliments to a fellow name Mark. I'm not pushing this opportunity any faster than it needs to blossom, so just sit tight. When not busy I head off into the woods or to the river to fish with my dudes or find turtles. Below are a few pics from our excursion to the Little Miami River a couple days ago. The water level was super high and I stumbled across a fresh 'art' piece next to the banks... your guess as to what the stick structure with a soccer ball and chair inside is as good as mine. 20 days left before I journey into the Arctic circle.