Walden's Pond to Cody's Big Lake

In two and a half moons I will begin my migration north with the midnight summer sun. My polar seeds have been planted and received by the universe. Now, under the thunderous might of spring and rising light I skry with dirt and recharge my blood. Roots snaking down. Wings wrapped around the sun. Dreaming vividly by night and running miles each day. For weeks I cleansed with fruit and water and now I'm yearning meat. mind - body - spirit. You are what you eat. A wolf shaking off an endless summer-winter hibernation. My glands don't work with the Ohio seasons anymore and my brain chemistry is changed with a click of an intention and a change of latitude and altitude. This is what becomes of the extreme globe trotter edition of 21st century human evolution, me.

For three hours I took no more than twenty paces and paged through a 450 million years old Ordovician fossil collection, Cincinnadan Arch Volume 3. What used to be a family of asaphidas and nautiloids and others swimming beneath the sea are now fossilized memories that border a 2607-acre manmade lake that's full of siluriformes and morone saxatilises and others that are prey to buteo jamaicensises and home sapiens. < That might be a long-worded run-on sentence but in the big scheme of things these words are no where close to being fossilized. My bones and teeth on the other hand... hmm... time to go to the gym.