A Spring Fling

I've been in Cincinnati for about a month now and have a job lined for the Arctic in June and another in Antarctica in October. I will be cooking for the Toolik Lake Research Station in the far north and cooking at a field camp (TBD) way down south. My transition from pole to pole will be roughly two weeks with a layover in Cincinnati to restock and regroup. For the next month or so I'm looking to volunteer somewhere, but first I need to do all my PQ for the ice. Until then I'm just going to be hanging out in the sunroom at our suburban house watching the seasons change and running around the lake a lot. Last Friday I cooked for my sister and her five friends before they went to their high school spring dance.

Here was what was left of 12 lbs. of tomahawk steaks. They are called cowboy steaks because cowboys would be known to eat a hefty size steak like this, but they are also called tomahawk steaks because they look like a tomahawk made of meat and bone.

Homemade mashers.

Lots of fresh veggies.

Lil' beaner was the waitress.



Camping last night :) I have the urge to soak up as much warmth and trees before heading to the north.