First Day of Spring

It's been a while. Last I posted I was in Panama, cooking for a remote island luxury resort. Now, I'm back in Ohio to visit family and plant seeds for my next journey somewhere in Alaska. I have many options available right now and new ones are popping up daily. What to do next? Where to go? I'm not worried, I'll just go with what feels right. Til then I'm going to embrace spring in Cincinnati and play outside. Emma and I caught the first snake of spring today. I'll keep you updated on what my next journey is when it lands from the heavens.


Devils in Bocas del Toro

Image source: http://www.esacademic.com/pictures/eswiki/66/Bocas_del_Toro_Carnival.jpg

By Ash Wednesday all sin will be removed from Bocas del Toro. Actors dressed up as devil's run around with fake swords bashing the sticks of onlookers in the streets and tankers cruise the streets with fire hoses drenching the people... baptism? When I was in Bocas last Wednesday, a day before the celebration, I talked with the locals and the boys were telling me what surf shorts they were going to wear to pick up 'the gringas'. Oh geeze. The bars were thumping last Wed. with no one in them, but in the last couple days the city has been swamped with partygoers and devil's. Here at Popa Paradise Beach Resort we are booked as families and couples are looking for sanctuary from the madness. Get away from Hell's Kitchen... come to Popa haha.

All USAP Personal Accounted For

I'm happy that I still have an Ice Chef :) All is well for the USAP folks that were departing the Ice come the end of the 2010-2011 Antarctic summer season. The question now becomes... what is USAP to do? Should it base it's headquarters out of Auckland, NZ or Sydney, AU now? More importantly, when will the shaking stop?

Posted February 28, 2011 2:10 PM MST from www.usap.gov -

"All U.S. Antarctic Program (USAP) personnel believed to be in New Zealand during the time of the Christchurch earthquake have been accounted for and are safe as of 7:34 PM Eastern Standard Time on February 25th, 2011. USAP officials worked around the clock to locate the nearly 600 scientists, support personnel and others who were traveling through the country after leaving Antarctica at the end of the 2010-2011 summer field season. No serious injuries were reported.

Many of the individuals were transported from the Christchurch region to New Zealand’s main city of Auckland on the North Island by the Royal New Zealand Air Force. That included about 200 additional people who flew from McMurdo Station on February 27th and 28th (New Zealand local time) to Christchurch aboard a U.S. Air Force C-17 to transport most of the remaining summer crew from Antarctica. A final flight from McMurdo is scheduled for March 5th. A skeleton crew will remain at McMurdo Station through the winter months as part of normal operations and maintenance.

These flights from Antarctica are part of the USAP normal airlift schedule, and were not “emergency” evacuations, as has been reported by some media. Significant break up of sea ice in McMurdo Sound has hampered transportation to the airfield where the snow road is located, but station personnel are working to mitigate impacts."