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"Happy Birthday to Popa! February marks Popa Paradise Beach Resort’s 2nd anniversary. Thanks to all who have made this place so special over the last two years.

To begin our third year, we’re happy to welcome Chef Cody Meyer for the Spring season. Cody brings his winsome smile and unique spectrum of know-how to Popa. His experience ranges from fine dining in Ohio to cooking in remote science camps in Alaska, Costa Rica and Antartica. This summer, you may find Cody in Greenland after he bids farewell to Popa."

Quoted from the Popa Paradise Blog.

I am hoping that I land a short contract in the Greenland Icefields cooking for NSF scientists, but that is a long shot since there is lots of demand for those few jobs. If that doesn't go through then I will be heading to Alaska to work in the wilderness lodge sector or perhaps get a chance to work for a bear guide on Kodiak that will give me a chance to also see Shearwater Bay, where I am planning to build an off-grid, sustainable retreat. Ciao.