High Season #2 for Me in Panama

Starting today we are booked for the next two or three weeks. Time to get cooking. After being here for 20 days I now have a sense of place in the Popa Paradise kitchen.

Pizzas are popular for lunch.

This is what the giant roddent, the Paca, became. Filets of tasty carne.

Lobster fettuccine alfredo.

Asian chicken stir-fry.

My plating is getting better every day. In most situations, i.e. field camps and backpacker lodges, clients want large portions, but here.. in the fine dining district of Popa Island clients want petite yet pretty dishes. New territory for me, but so far everything is good.

And no... I did not 'create' the aura around my body, it just came with the picture.

Fishing next to the reef.

YEAAAHHH! A snack... haha, not really, I tossed it back in, better luck next time.

Here is what the locals caught...

Right when dude put the last 4 lb. lobster ontop of the rest, the scale broke sending the lobsters to the floor where they instantly took defense with their pinchers.

Dead serious, good timing on the photo eh?