From Rainbow to Neon Lights

Prior to dinner service a wonderful double rainbow with a wide spectrum hung over the resort.

When you wake up, you get a free breakfast and I try to keep the options varied, nutrious and filling. Every once in awhile when I am baking something complex, like this caramel and sundried cranberry breakfast pastry, I get that idea that what I am cooking is more of a painting than a food.

Coco loco banana bread. Inside these loaves is cinnamon, banana, walnuts, rum, vanilla, coconut cream and fresh coconut flakes.

Lunch time... the mackerel burger.

Another honey glazed chicken salad... a popular lunch item.

Caramelized apples.

Plaintain and carrot poached in coconut milk and seasoned with local chili spice.

Grouper with lemon and white wine cream sauce, on a bed of coconut rice and black beans, topped with a spicy plaintain, onion and pineapple caramelized salsa... next to sauteed eggplant and zucchini.

Jerk chicken kebabs.

Laid on coconut rice and with the same goodies as the grouper.

Lobster and brie phyllo wrap gone wild. This was my dinner plate.

Francis the dog.

The outside dining and lounge area at nightfall.

The Tiki Bar. If you ever see this Shaun from South Pole... this is a real Tiki Bar.