Adios Camera

Well, after my earlier blog post and breakfast I headed out on the kayak to the reef to do some kayak surfing and fishing. Little did I know that the kayak I was on had a leaky seal and filled with water rapidly. Next thing I know a swell moved in. A sudden wave tossed me off the kayak along with my camera and fishing pole... but my diving knife was well strapped to my leg with Daisy's (RIP) old dog collar just in case Jaws came. I flipped the kayak over, got back on and estimated I had 15 minutes before the entire kayak would be under water, so I paddled quickly. I was more than a kilometer out at sea and it was more like in 10 minutes the rear of the kayak was so filled with water the nose went straight up and me, once again, back in the sea getting hit with jelly fish. I tied the string attached to the kayak to my leg and swam to shore with a water logged kayak and no camera. Tomorrow I head into Bocas del Toro to buy groceries and if lucky, there will be a camera, but pricey it will be since there are only a few shops in Bocas and lots of tourist demands and honestly, I don't want to have to pay more than I have to... I'd rather just enjoy these next couple months in paradise and live the moment. As of now, this blog is going on a break. Sorry, but if you look at the post below you can get a sense of what's happening here and it will be like this til I leave in April. Godspeed, Chef Cody.