A New Beginning

I turn 25 years old in a couple days, but like most Chefs can account for holidays are usually just another day in the kitchen constructing festive foods. Yet as the date of which I was brought into this Earthly world 25 years ago nears I look back a bit, but more importantly look forward. The bassist of the Dandy Warhols is munchin on one of my Pecan Cinnamon Rolls right now and earlier we talked about the lives of rockstars. When a band becomes successful and when not is entirely up to the eye of the beholder, likewise, when a cook becomes a chef or a boy becomes a man is the same deal, entirely up to your opinion. I was born into this world an old spirit, so for me, this 25 year oldness is merely an interpretation of my cosmic spirit in human body form. According to the laws of gravity and the Earth's rotation my body has gone through 25 cycles of the sun, but my spirit... more than 25 lifetimes and God knows what else. The locals say I am Indiana Jones and in my opinion that's rather correct... I travel deep into the unknown across the seas in search of wisdom, in search of harmony and in search of an adventure. On Tuesday the owner's girl friend picked up a cute monkey for the day from a neighboring village. These are the gifts of life...

I have been rocking out in the kitchen non-stop just so I can get formally acquainted with these tools and walls.

Yesterday I needed some fruit and pine nuts so I took the 40-minute boat ride through islands of mangroves to Bocas del Toro where we do our shopping at.

Our dock.

The kayak shack.

Adios Emily.

Along the way we stopped at a local bar for some cheap, watered-down Panamanian beer.

Then we stopped at small village for some gas.

Here is Bocas.
Here is the best fruit and veg. shop in town.
When I got back I made my first menu for Popas.

A was shocked to see that the other cooks know a bit about bread and pasta making. This will not only help me out, but further the freshness and tastes of the foods on the menu.

My first product... silk chocolate cheesecake. Where I go cheesecakes follow.

Serving dinner.
Breakfast.. granola, fruit, mini bananas, yogurt and homemade pumpkin bread.

Senorita Jugo. The juice lady.
French toast, eggs, fruit.

Time for dinner... a simple garden salad with lemon vinaigrette.

Creole beef stir-fry with Caribbean veg. and coconut rice.

Honey glazed pork chop, potato puree, rosemary gravy and legumes.

Baked giant lobster, toasted plaintain, legums and coconut rice served with a passion fruit sauce.

Red snapper and spring veg. wraps with tartar sauce.

A super displays of creole veg. medley, rice, lentils and roasted eggplant.

Thai coconut chicken curry, rice and lentils, and homemade naan.

Yum yum.
In town a rasta dude suggested this for me... a female bull shark tooth with tigers eye. Tigers eye is a gem I use to promote actualizing my dreams and courage. It's working so far.