Lotti's First Wave

The holidays are done and gone but we are still booked to the max and there are many mouths to feed. Some of the guests go on fishing trips and they bring me their daily catches to clean and cook, which becomes the dinner special... abmberjack, tuna, shark, oysters, flounder and much more. Can't get any fresher than this.


Carrot cake.

King prawn salad.

Grande meatballs, tomato sauce and spaghetti.

Pork chops, mashed potatoes, chicken gravy and vegetables.

Tempura fried prawns with a homemade sweet chili sauce.

The locals go for a lighter option... salad and fresh fish.

Fried chicken, fries and vegetables.

Delish king prawns and chorizo kebabs.

Nothing like having a boa chill above you while you eat.

One of the new houses we are constructing on the farm.


The coolest thing that has happened so far was watching the two-year old Lotti catch her first wave yesterday. I was buying fruit from the fruit truck when the driver told me to look at the sea... and there was Lotti surfin.


Mick was so happy. Beers on the house tonight.

Here at Hibiscus Garden Hotel we offer surfing classes for beginners and professionals... and we also do special classes for toddlers, with parental consent of course :)