I Smell Like Fish

After working 16 hours in the kitchen, concluding the day with fresh fish pizza, I sat outside under the stars on the beach with the cat and dogs contemplating where I came from, where I am and how I got here.

Mi amigo... El Gato Loco.

In the evening, a few guests came to the kitchen with their catches. The visitors took a boat trip one hour westward of Coibo Island off the coast of Panama into the Pacific. In the deeper water they caught many big fish. Afterward, we weighed the dinner.

One type of fish they caught was tuna. Like the tuna you would use for a sushi roll or raw-seared dish. I sear the fillets with terriyaki, cane sugar, fresh lemon from the pasture, salt and olive oil.

The red snapper weighing at 35 lbs. in the left corner...

And the Wahoo hanging at 30 lbs. in the right corner. All I am thinking is thank you nature... now let us clean and cook.

It was so hot, and has been for the last week. Thunderstorms are frequent in the evening, but el sol is prevalent throughout the morning. With the rain comes moisture and that intensifies the heat, so everyone and everything takes a siesta during the day.

I was lying in the bed then and around 3 PM I woke due to El Gato Loco attacking my hair. Then I knew it was time to cut the shaggyness. I have grown it out for 14 months. For the majority of the time I was in Antarctica and there long hair is beneficial, but at the equator, during the early dry season, long hair is not necessary. The kitchen lingers around 115 degrees fahrenheit around 2 PM, lunch time... too hot for long hair, so today I cut it.

Some of the Hibiscus cartel watched.

Yes, I do have earrings and tattoos. That is my style, what is yours?

Then we cleaned the fish. It took more than two hands to clean this catch.

I love this.

For staff dinner we had a whopper fillet of tuna.

Then for service I offered fresh tuna salads and other hors doeurves.

Below is the Cody Fried Chicken and bbq sauce pizza loaded with veggies, and surrounded by munster cheese stuffed crust. Truly a fattening, heart attack masterpiece, but tomorrow will be healthier.

The meat lovers pizza. Bacon, salami, pepperoni, chorizo, ham and three different types of cheeses... also made with a homemade tomato sauce and crust.

The crust was made with the help of Nidia, the AM dishwasher. I am teaching her everything I know about cooking while she is on summer break.

Her aunt asked that I make a grande chocolate cake for her village, so I did.

While doing that I made a vanilla cheesecake for the Hibiscus Garden guests.

The coolest thing about this place is that I am able to express myself, freely, with local foods and return the favor by giving the natives and clientes an unique food item that blow their taste buds away. Welcome to the World.