Adios El Jardin de Papos :)

Every Wolf Moon there is a big change that unravels. It used to be that in Canada I would journey with a few native friends during this time of year to the dark forests of Central Ontario, where the hungry wolves roam and howl, and we would give thanks to their totem spirit. This time of year the wolves are hungry and cold, fighting for survival. Yesterday it was time to say goodbye to the Hibiscus Garden for many reasons, but I will not get into the drama of why I left, it was just my means to obtain a peaceful and tranquil resolution to further my passion to cook fine dishes in paradise. So now here I am, chilling out in Santa Catalina and eating awesome local dishes. My wings are spread wide now and I am so ecstatic to be on the road again, journeying towards a new Chef job on the opposite of Panama at a fine dining and remote island establishment... stay tuned :) As my father says, time to move up the totem pole.

The final dinner dishes at Hibiscus Garden... Chicken Stir Fry.

Prawns, gallo pinto and pineapple salsa.

The Southern Pork Chop dish with fried potatoes and green beans.

The basic ingredients for the German bread at Hibiscus Garden... tons of nuts and oats, very wholesome.

French bread to be turned into crostinis for the cracker, cheese and olive app.

The last pieces of my chocolate and rum cake, and apple-cinnamon cheesecake.

Why the chicken use the toilet?

The only thing I am going to miss about that place is the Gato Loco.

The young horses got away and ran wild with the dogs... when the horses flee, the cowboy flees.

This morning I was able to sleep in and woke up to the tide. The waves were coming in and the dive boats were getting ready to take the divers out.

A taste of the local culture in Santa Catalina...

It is so awesome to have someone else cook for me besides me and boy is her food good!!! Muchas gracias Chef. One mistake I made as the Chef at Hibiscus is I did not spend (or should I say have) time to try all the local dishes at other restaurants prior to making my menu for the hotel, but then again, now I get to try them all and am loving every bite. The beauty of being a nomadic Chef is that there is always something to learn. This be my grand finale of the West Side of Panama.