Another Day at the Beach

The kitchen jaguar.

The surf truck.

Lotti waving good bye to the dogs.

Making our way to Santa Catalina.

Here is the biggest grocery store near us... they sell propane, beer, sugar, eggs, chicken and sometimes have potatoes.

You ain't a man in Panama unless you carry a machete.

The local housing market.

The crossroads. To the right is La Punta and to the left is Playa Estera, two very different surfing hot spots.

The road to Playa Estera.

Y aqui esta la playa.

To get there you have to cross the holy river... sometimes with Chihuahuas,

But more often with surfboard.

The Oasis beachfront hotel.



Taking this pic I missed a good wave.

A balance training course by Lotti.

After a long day at the beach there is nothing better that a mushroom,onion, pepperoni, ham, feta and cheddar cheese pizza with munster cheese stuffed crust.

And here's the prawn and pineapple pizza.

Apple-cinnamon cheesecake.

Super fudge brownies.

The chocolate-rum cake.

See, I can surf.