Bienvenido a la Isla de Popas

For more information on the new luxury resort I am Chef at click here. By far one of the best places I have worked and lived at. Life just keeps gettin better.

At 11 AM I took off from Bocas with the general manager of the resort.

It was a 40 minute boat ride and we cruised by what seemed like 100s of islands.

Upon arrival I was brought to my bedroom. A few minutes later a guy with the lunch menu came to my door. I went for the Greek salad.

The view from the back deck.

This inside the main lodge. TV area, pool table, reception, kitchen and bar.

The bar and kitchen.

The front dining area.

It overlooks the seaside pool and pool bar.

If you notice.. there is a guitara lying lonely on the couch. The local natives have asked me to teach them a bit about guitar.

La cocina.

My house.

The backside of the main lodge facility. Everything at this hotel was brought in by a small boat and hand crafted with simple tools and hard workers.

The dinner menu that was in action last night. For the first two days I am just downloading the operations of the restaurant... I need to know the workers, ingredients, shifts, equipment and client's needs before I jump in. Tomorrow Chef Emily leaves and I take over. I sat down with the owners last night and they want me to be me and express myself naturally with a natural menu that is high on presentation and taste.

The Chef's Herb Garden.






One of her soups.

Fish brought by the kids.

One of the servers.

Bed time.