Super King Prawn

Prawn dishes are hot right now, and you will see later in this post that most of the prawns are as big as your hand. Man vs. Prawn. As Mick said today, I like the jumbo king prawns over lobster. It is by far the biggest shrimp I have ever eaten. Aside to prawn kebabs, prawn salad, and prawn fettuccini alfredo I also went horseback riding today to the hilltops to get a glimpse of our area. To get to the horsies we drove in an 1983 milk truck wtih Donna the dog in the back. Afterwards we cruised through the local village of Lagartero ('place of the alligators') where we encountered a monster turkey. You will also see the newly reorganized kitchen, the mosaics the volunteers have been working on and my new bedroom that I share with Chris, who was a professional skateboarder that competed against Tony Hawk and now is learning to be a pro surfer. Every day there is something new going on.