My First Wave

Once I figure out how to type quickly with the German keyboard I will add more text. The net is super slow here, but I will do the best I can to keep you updated. 6 days ago I arrived in Panama City from Ohio and stayed the first night at a ghetto hostel near the canal. Next day I took a 3.5 hour bus ride to Santiago where I met the hotel owners. We went grocery shopping right off that bat. We loaded the van and drove another 2 hours down the bumpiest road on Earth to the Hibiscus Garden Hotel. I began cooking that night and since then have created a menu that will be my baby for the next 5 months. Once finalized I will post it. My days start at 6 AM with birds, dogs and horses hollaring at sunrise and end around 9:30 PM when the last carrot cake has been eaten and the alligators come out. In the day I get plenty of time off for a long siesta at the bunch. The last two days I have gone out surfing and yesterday caught my first wave. I am still smiling from that feeling of catching a first wave. Cowabunga. There's a giant, steady wave called 'the point' just a few km from our hotel... when I get better I will catch this 15 footer. But first I need to buy my own board.

Haven't checked the news in a week, don't think about money, just doin what I do best... cook and stir up some kind of daily adventure.