Esta la Vida

This collection shows a bit of what daily life is like in Panama. During low tide the water washes out a mile revealing prawns and star fish. The locals walk around the sea bed picking up dinner. After a day in the fields the cowboy farmers that live around us visit for a beer, or dos mas, dos mas veces. At night you can hear so many different animals and some of the insects sound like alien laser beams... if you have ever heard one of those haha. We found an iguana in the cabana and decided to relocate it, but then got sidetracked with the idea having a petting zoo. I spend most of my time in the kitchen, about 12 hours each day, but I never cook alone. There are volunteers, cats, dogs, lizards and lil kids that keep me company. The cat we have is pretty much a jaguar and will claw up your back if your not careful. Baking at sea level is sooooo much easier than South Pole. Cheesecakes, bagels, breads, tortillas, pizza, brownies, cookies, etc. etc. Baked daily or pretty much hourly. It be long hours but it is chill and I get a few hours each day to hang in the hammock. Come nightfall our gardener friends build fires on the beach and I am tweakin away in la cocina. Paz.