In Search of Peridot

Today was like any other really... woke up, drank some coffee, went for a 6 mile run and then explored beaches til sunset.

Buenas dias.

Wild chikens run across the road often and nest in parking lots. They are a beautiful bird.

I journeyed to the Ha'ena Beach Park to start my search for peridot. Peridot is a forsteritic olivine that washes upon the shores of certain beaches here. It is a green coloured gem and called 'Pele's Tears' on the Big Island.

A scoped out the view and planned the beach trek.

Came to a black and red lava rock shoreline. No peridot to be found, at least not at the surface of things.

I found a giant ancient lava tube that's now operating as a seawater cave. When Kauai was volcanically active the sea would sometimes rise and cause waves to crash along the lava flows, creating molten rock.

The grey line on the molten rock comes from a large ash deposit that blew from a volcanic eruption some ~5.5 million years ago.

The erosion of volcanic rock creates a heavy mineral volcanic soil that also is composed of biological ingredients. Some plants thrive in this rich soil, while others do not.

Although I didn't find any peridot in the wild, I found some in the the local gem shop and witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets in my life.

My dad had fun, once again, standing on his rock in the Pacific Ocean.

This was it...