Aloha Kauai

In the last 3 days I have traveled from South Pole to McMurdo Station to Chirstchurch, NZ to Sydney, Australia to Honolulu, HI and now have a 10 day stop at Princeville, Kauai Island, Hawaii. The funny thing about it all is that I left New Zealand on a Saturday morning and arrived at my destination on Friday afternoon. I get a free day to my life :) Here we are somewhere over the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

I can't get away from the sun halos.
Rainbow at the airport.
Off to Kauai on the Island Air commuter plane.
I thought I saw a dino running along the coastline...
Why did the chicken cross the road?
My dad picked me up at the airport and along the way to our waterfall palace vacation rental we passed this site. I had to stop. Barefoot with the biggest grin I ran into the water. It felt very cleansing and stimulating after a long flight and a whole year of no trees, waves or lizards. Mahalo.
It's only been 12 hours and have more than a week to explore... but first I need to cook some breakfast with fresh, organic Hawaiin ingredients. Someone said there's a farmers market down the street :)