Adios South Pole

Our 2010 winterover group photo has been hung next to the decades of other crew photos...

And the weather was just right for our departure.
I have been packed for more than a week and have spent my days cleaning up bits and pieces of summer camp. While hanging out in the 'Slump' this morning the call came out on the radios that de plane was on it's way to pick us up.
All around the station folks were getting their last photos. So many smiles.
The waiting...
Then we heard it land. A few members of summer crew brought de plane in. It's been 9 months we've waited to see this site.
The big hugathon.
More new peeps for the South Pole.
Loading our bags into de plane.
Inside :)
Oh yeah.
For an hour we had a great view of the majestic transantarctic mountains.
Then we hit ice again.
The back door was dropped as we came to a stop.
The ice runway at McMurdo Station.
McMurdo Station.. again.

It's 1:30 AM and we're supposed to fly to Christchurch around 9 AM, so I better get some sleep. Good nighty.