Terra Nova

In December 1911 4 explorers reached the South Pole for the very first time.

2 December 1911

"…the plateau over which we are now travelling resembles a frozen sea…excellent going for a skater, but unfortunately unsuitable for our dogs and ourselves. I drag myself with my sticks ahead on skis. It is not easy." - Cpt. Amundsen

14 Decemeber 1911

"So we arrived and were able to plant our flag at the geographical South Pole. God be thanked!" - Cpt. Amundsen

"…the great thing is that we are here as the first men, no English flag waves, but a 3 coloured Norwegian." - O. Bjaaland

Then in 2010 4 new explorers set out to reach the South Pole...

25 September 2010

"Geeze, we can't grow any tomatoes outside with this harsh climate. It's so cold and dry, nothing will survive..." - Farmer Joe

"Eh guys, I think it's time we sit down and have some soup inside our tent. Wait, did anyone bring a match?" -Hung

"The great thing is that we are here as the 1,200th and some winterover Polies, so many black flags around marking holes in the ice, here let's plant this beautiful 3 coloured American flag next to the tent" - Sir David

"Umm has anyone seen my lucky two dollar bill?" - Cody