Station Population: 62

Yesterday morning started off with the MelCake. I really shouldn't be blogging about this since someone might steal the idea, so consider this photo my copyright of the recipe. First you begin to cook a regular pancake using butter and not oil, when you flip it add a bit of shredded cheese. Then top the cheese with sauteed bacon, sausauge, red pepper and onion. Add more cheese and cover with a bowl for a couple minutes until the cheese is melted. Slide onto a plate carefully and drizzle mushroom gravy around the sides of the MelCake. Eat.

After work I waddled outside to see the new faces arrive.

Here they come.

The baggage handlers with snow mobiles and sleds.

Some of the winterovers journeyed out to greet them (and their freshies).

Yeah, they just put a box of fresh bananas on the sled... no big deal.

The people.

Welcome home summer crew.

While chattin with Erik le Pirate someone handed me a fresh banana (and an avocado and a pear).

This morning I found the mother load (: