3 Days Before the First Arrival

This Friday the first Basler plane from McMurdo is supposed to arrive as long as the weather permits. Within two weeks our population will go from 47 to 150. Seeing new faces will be weird... and they will be tan and excited and have fresh things, oh boy oh boy. The new peeps will relieve our winterover crew... a bit. There's still lots we have to take care of. For instance, I have to pack up my room (cave) and move my goods via snow mobile to the summer camp, where I have volunteered to stay just to see what it's like to live out there.

Yesterday we took down the Scott tent and the day before a brave soul decided to camp out there. He lasted 6 hours. I hold the record for staying out there for 8 hours :)

Here's our newly groomed ice runway. We're just waitin on de planes.

The galley crew has been working around the clock to get the station cleaned up. Here's Picaso Lee steam cleaning the galley chairs.

Here's his final product. Amazing.

Here are some super doughuts I made for our charity buffet. Eat So They Can is an international charity group that asks cooks to host dinner parties. The proceeds from the dinner parties reach out to the needy, check out the site for more info. Special thanks to Nick the Baker for bringing up this opportunity.

We went all out for the buffet... fresh pancakes, omelletes and scrambled eggs along with..

Chef Fran's fresh oven-baked pizzas to order.

The crew really came together for this event and it was a great success.

The geographic south pole marker.